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Crafting tanks that endure, innovate, and insulate – safeguarding your solutions with every layer.

What inside

Tank composition


LLDPE rotto granules:

Provide durability and chemical resistance to the tank structure.

Master batch:

Enhances properties like color, UV resistance, or thermal characteristics of the tank material.

LLDPE rotto foam:

Offers heat absorption capabilities, aiding in temperature control within the tank.


LLDPE rotto granules:

Ensure structural strength and chemical resilience in the tank.



Customizes properties like color, UV resistance, or thermal features.

Double insulation foam:

Provides superior heat retention, stabilizing internal temperatures.

Our Products

Choose your water


 A standard tank designed for typical storage needs……..

Extra heavy

Engineered with reinforced materials to withstand…….

Blow (three-layer) tank

Consists of three layers for added strength and………

Thermal fountain tank

Specifically designed to handle extreme temperature………..

Water Jar

Nestled amidst serene landscapes, Janakipoly Tank not only serves as a reservoir of tranquility but also as a beacon of purity, supplying pristine drinking water jars to the community. Its crystal-clear commitment to quality ensures every sip is a refreshing testament to excellence, quenching both thirst and soul alike. In the heart of Janaki Poly Tank flows not just water, but a stream of trust and reliability, enriching lives drop by drop.

About Company

At Janaki Poly Tank, our dedication flows beyond containment, weaving a narrative of sustainability and service. Receive quality hardware accessories here.

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6 Filtration Stages

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